Switching from one career to another can be scary, but it can also be a thrilling experience.

Jack Canfield

We are your outplacement support team

Facing redundancy can be a very unsettling time, for some it can be a time of release and career opportunity for others they can often feel confused, isolated and alone, especially when colleagues have been with the organisation a long time or the redundancy decision has come as a shock. This is especially true in times of economic downturn, it is it is important that this delicate situation is managed well and support is offered to those being made redundant whether they are seeking a career move, setting up a business or transitioning into retirement.

Outplacement services continue to offer this much needed support at a critical time for those being made redundant. We offer a bespoke and personal solution that will help your employee transition smoothly into their next move. Our approach and expertise ensures that the process is sensitive to employee needs while keeping the employer brand and values intact. Minimising the impact on your business and ensuring continued employee engagement.

Whether you need outplacement support for an individual or a larger scale project in the UK or abroad, we can help you. We offer a tailored range of career transition services for individuals and groups, as well as offering strategic support  including project planning, consultation committee support, breaking the news and line manager coaching. Our primary focus is about delivering great outcomes for all.

Individual Leaver Programme

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A confidential, tailored programme with one to one support that places the client as the focal point. Including a career review, CV development, interview preparation and more

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Yellow and grey butterfly icon Senior Executive Programme

Providing a bespoke coaching-led program, designed entirely around the needs of the individual. Developed for Senior Executives and Directors to help them easily transition on to their next challenge.

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Multiple Leavers Programme

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When a multi-site organisation is going through a transition involving numerous leavers, the in-house resources available are often not enough to go around. We have the experience, knowledge and capability to make a difference.

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When an organisation is realigning its resources to its strategic strategy it is important to get things right. We help with managing teams through change, difficult conversation and make sure things go to plan and that key goals are met

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Practice Leader

Steve Thompson-Martyn

Director & Founder

“Working in Outplacement has enabled me to meet and support great people at critical times. It is both an honour and fantastic challenge to provide support at critical times.”

How we have helped people with Outplacement & Career Transition

If you would like to support your staff to deal with the impact of a major change programme, get in touch with us today.

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