If you don’t develop your talented employees, your competitors will.

The only way talent and career management will truly succeed is by supporting and being part of the business strategic plan, and ultimately part of the culture or mindset of the organisation.

We work with businesses and organisations to create that culture and mindset by supporting their people throughout their employment journey, from successful on-boarding, goal focused career coaching, innovative talent retention strategies and when appropriate, preparation for their release.

Teal and grey butterfly icon Onboarding

We work with organisations to reduce any risk that on-boarding can create by supporting individuals to transition into their new role, new team and new context with impact and ease.

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Career Coaching

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We work with individuals to be more self-aware, to identify their values and career goals, and to develop a structured action plan so that they achieve their desired outcome.

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Teal and grey butterfly icon Talent Retention

We build in-house Talent Management capabilities, working with line-managers to develop their ‘skill and will’ to facilitate powerful career conversations as well as designing and implementing impactful Mentoring Programmes.

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Release Lifestyle

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In our Lifestyle Choices programme we give time for self-assessment and reflection and we’ll pose some questions that clients can set out to answer. Our aim is to open this new world to exploration and throw in some ideas and helpful direction along the way.

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Practice Leader

Shaun Allred

Operations Director : Senior Consultant

“I enjoy working with my clients, enabling them to focus on the will and the want, rather than just the can”.

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