Job Offers: The Importance of Due Diligence

In Spring I wrote an article on how to evaluate job offers and the importance of establishing a robust set of job search criteria before embarking on a job search campaign, that can then be used to determine whether to accept or decline an offer. So that if you choose to accept the offer you are doing so for the right reasons. So, what should that criteria consist of and what due diligence should you apply?

The right fit

When considering what the right fit is, we should take quite a few things in to consideration other than capability. We should ask ourselves will this role motivate me and challenge me in the way it needs to. Does it meet my short to medium term career goals? Does this business/organisation share my values? From what I know of the people I will be working with or reporting to, will I get on well with them? Will the culture of the business/organisation allow me to flourish?

Due diligence

It’s always helpful to think about the recruitment process you have been through. What was that experience like, how did it make you feel, did anything stand out that was not aligned with your values? The company’s recruitment process is often a very good reflection of its culture and if you are uneasy about anything it’s worth factoring that in to your decision making process.

As part of your interview preparation, you will have researched the company’s website, social media output and Googled them. But revisit this. Now you know some of the key people you will be working with take a look at their LinkedIn profiles. It is also worth looking at Glassdoor to see if there are any patterns to the reviews left on the site.


Take a look at the company’s financial information, how are they currently performing, is there an upward or downward trend? Look at the sector they are in, is it mature, is it a saturated market, what challenges does that sector face?


If you have any concerns or doubts, then raise them with the recruiting manager. You want to have all the information you need to enable you to make the right decision.


Understand early objectives


It is important as you conclude the process that you understand the deliverables that will be expected of you in the first months of joining. The absence of objectives is as big a concern as potentially unrealistic objectives. It is important that in understanding the objectives you know how you can ‘win early’


Meet as may colleagues as possible


Isolation has been an issue since 2020 and many new employees have joined businesses without meeting anyone in person. Now we have the opportunity to rectify this. Face to face meetings with new line managers are very important to determine style and ways of working. Meeting other employees face to face such as Hr, peers and support staff such as receptionists on arrival give you a real 4D view of the culture and reality of the organisation.





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