Book Review – Employee Experience by Ben Whitter

‘A world-class Customer Experience is often the direct result of a world-class Employee Experience’

This book explores the concept that to provide an exceptional experience for customers, organisations must take great care in delivering exceptional employee experience. Although this feels like common sense, Whitter highlights that it’s not that easy to do and is one of the biggest organisational challenges.

One of the issues is that people’s expectations have changed (and are likely to continue to change) and therefore the Employee Experience needs to change with them. A piece of research he highlights identifies three powerful motivators:

‘Cause is about purpose: feeling that you make a meaningful impact, identifying with organisation’s mission, and believing that it does some good in the world. It’s a source of pride.

Community is about people: feeling respected, cared about, and recognised by others. It drives our sense of connection and belongingness.

Career is about work: having a job that provides autonomy, allows you to use your strengths, and promotes your learning and development. It’s at the heart of intrinsic motivation.’

A key message throughout the book is that leaders, at all levels, are the facilitators of creating a positive Employee Experience. Leaders and their leadership behaviours bring to life what is most important to the business.

His research suggests that the quality of leaders significantly affects how employees perceive their overall experience in work. It is easy for senior leadership to talk about supporting employees – what is crucial is that employees experience what this means directly in their everyday experience.

The book highlights the important points to consider when defining a strategic and operational Employee Experience approach.


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